Bodhi Collective is a family owned and operated business on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.  We’ve already received a high volume of requests for donations and support from a wide variety of worthy challenges and causes.  Whilst we’d love to support every organisation that makes a request, sadly this isn’t possible. 

Each sponsorship request will be carefully assessed to determine if it meets Bodhi Collective’s sponsorship, marketing and community objectives and won’t proceed with requests that don’t fit within these objectives. In addition, budgetary constraints limit the number of opportunities that we can undertake on an annual basis.  Bodhi Collective aims to support our planet and community at all times, however as requests are increasing in number, it has become necessary to apply a more thorough and efficient process.

We recognise the important role we play as a member of the community and support selected activities and organisations that benefit the community in which we operate. Activities and organisations are supported through working in partnership with the broader community for the long-term benefit of the yoga and wellness community

All sponsorship applications will be evaluated according to the criteria set out below and must be submitted via email provided by the 30 June of each year to hello@bodhicollective.co 


In the context of this policy ‘sponsorship’ is defined as the provision of goods or services in exchange for advertising, marketing and promotional opportunities. ‘Donation’ is defined as the provision of goods to a registered charity where a receipt for the value of goods can be provided for taxation purposes.

Responsibility for co-ordination of sponsorship solely lies with the owners of Bodhi Collective and with recommendations from employees.  Each proposal will be assessed on a merit basis according to the criteria set out below.  Once a year Bodhi Collective nominates their preferred and most aligned charities for the year ahead. This means that if a proposal for sponsorship is to be considered a submission is to be prepared addressing the criteria and submitted with a six week lead time to assess the application.


Bodhi Collective will only agree to sponsorship opportunities that:

  • Are consistent with our vision, reputation and objectives.

  • Addresses our target audience.

  • Helps achieve our objective to increase awareness of Bodhi Collective.

  • Adds value to business activities.

Key areas of potential support by Bodhi Collective’s include:

  • initiatives that support the future growth of the global yoga and wellness industries.

  • initiatives that are directed at increasing the profile of Bodhi Collective.

  • community events in areas and locations where Bodhi Collective is already affiliated.

Preference will be given to organisations that are related to:

  • Supporting woman and families of domestic violence.

  • Supporting suicide prevention awareness.

  • Supporting the growth and sustainability of the yoga and wellness industries.

  • Supporting eco friendly initiatives and processes.

  • Are credible, with a proven track record in managing community initiatives.

  • Can provide satisfactory information on its management and financial status.

  • Allow adequate time for applications to be assessed.


Bodhi Collective will assess all requests for donations based on the following criteria:

  • Donations will only be provided to registered charities who can produce a receipt for tax purposes to the value of goods supplied.

  • Individual donation requests will require a submission detailing the merits of the organisation and to what purpose donation of goods will be used.


Organisations/activities which will not be considered for sponsorship by Bodhi Collective include those that:

  • May be construed as discriminatory.

  • Could be detrimental to public health or safety.

  • Promote or encourage smoking, environment, human, animal or substance abuse.

  • Religious or political organisations or campaigns.

  • Programs that may present a hazard to the community or the environment.

  • Programs that contribute to the financial gain of an individual or business.

  • Activities which are the direct responsibility of the Government.

  • Non-specific fundraising projects or appeals.

  • An organisation with which sponsorship involvement could be misinterpreted as a bribe or kickback.