The better you look after your Bodhi Collective mat or towel, the better it will look after you and last as long as possible.


Regardless of what other companies may tell you, we strongly recommend you avoid placing your mat in a washing machine. The robust handling and water submersion could lead to material deterioration.

Instead, hand wash with a damp cloth, lightly sponge or quickly hose it down at your leisure. Try not to over hose and over saturate. 

We advise that you avoid using chemical agents to clean your mat as it could compromise the mats integrity and performance.

To avoid unwanted shaping of your mat, we recommend you either towel dry or hang your mat out to dry before rolling it up. Then storing it out of direct sunlight to avoid colour distortion. Please refrain from putting your mat in a dryer as the rubber may melt or buckle.

Your mat requires the same care that you'd give to yourself. Please treat it with love and avoid leaving it in the car for long periods or on/near hot surfaces where the heat could potentially harm it.


We suggest that you wash your towel on a cool, gentle machine wash setting using environmentally friendly laundry detergent.

Please hang your towel in a shady place to retain it's shape and colour. Try to avoid placing your towel in the dryer or wringing it dry.