A Bodhi Collective Brand Ambassador represents our brand in a positive light at all times to help to increase brand awareness. They embody Bodhi Collective’s brand identity in appearance, demeanour, values and ethics.

The Core Traits of a Bodhi Collective Brand Ambassador:

  1. Knowledge of and appreciation for marketing

  2. An established online presence 

  3. A high level of professionalism

  4. Natural leadership skills

  5. A passion for building and growing relationships

  6. The ability to gather feedback and provide innovative insight 

Benefits of Being a Bodhi Collective Brand Ambassador:

  1. 15% off our online store to share with friends, family and social media communities.

  2. Receive your own unique discount code that tracks all sales made using your code.  This provides you with product based commission to redeem at your convenience through our head office.

  3. Be our first pick for upcoming product development, blog contributions, professional photoshoots, retreats and events.  We reward our Brand Ambassadors as often as we can and consider them part of our Bodhi family.

Please note that we have a nominated allocation of Brand Ambassadors per year and will review each application carefully.  However, you will be prioritised in accordance to other applicants attributes, capabilities and reach. 

To enquire about being a Bodhi Collective Brand Ambassador, please email your contact details and social media links to